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Anderson Horticulture has recently been given the sole rights to produce the world's first Tissue Culture produced rootstocks.

Reed is the only variety that is currently being produced on a commercial scale but other varieties such as Velvick are hopefully not too far away. The technology and production technique was developed by a research team led by Neena Mitter at the University of Queensland.

We believe this will be the future of avocado rootstock production. The plants are produced in a disease-free environment.

We are very lucky in Australia to have such a vast variety of very high quality rootstocks.

The varieties we sell are all high-yielding and show resistance to the biggest issue with growing avocados, being Phytophera. Due to many research projects and improved management strategies, the avocado industry has got the issue of photophera under control.

Velvick is Australia’s most sought-after rootstock for commercial growers. Velvick is world-renowned for its high vigour and yield potential. It also has a high tolerance for salt and lime.

Kidd has not been put through the rootstock trials like our other popular rootstocks but we believe it has similar vigour and yield potential as Velvick. Kidd also has slightly shorter internode spacing so the tree is more compact than Velvick.

A variety (including A8 and A10) have been selected and trialed through varying rootstock analysis research and have done extremely well in terms of yield performance, even under stress.

The A varieties are also popular with higher density planting due to their shorter internode spacing.

Zutano has been extremely popular throughout Australia for many decades, especially due to its high salt tolerance, high vigour, and high yield potential. It is by far the most popular variety for WA farmers.

Reed is the most available rootstock and has very high yield potential. Reed may account for up to half the commercially grown trees which we have sold over the 40 years of business. Reed does not have a high tolerance to Phytophera but with new improved management protocols, this is not an issue with the new age of commercial avocado growers.

Clonal rootstocks have not been popular in Australia due to the high-quality seedling varieties available plus the additional costs associated with the purchase price and royalties.

The results of the clonal rootstocks through all rootstock trials speak for themselves. The resistance to Phytophthora and high yield potential are the benchmark of the avocado industry.

Procado is an Australian-developed rootstock selection that has been commercialised in 2021. The results of its more than 10 years of analysis show it outperforming the world’s most popular and benchmark in rootstocks being DUSA. We believe the variety will be very popular in the future with its high vigour, yield, tolerance to phytophthora and also popular with higher density planting due to its shorter internode spacing.

DUSA is still the benchmark in terms of all-around performance as a rootstock. Its high vigour, yield, and tolerance to phytophthora have been proven numerous times around the world in rootstock trials under varying conditions.

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