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We are working with Allesbeste nursery in South Africa to bring the Maluma avocado variety into Australia’s supply chain. Maluma is an ideal fit into the gaps of the Australian avocado supply, however as the good comes with the bad there is many adjustments in growing, picking and managing the fruit in our subtly different climate. Anderson Horticulture are committed to helping our growers drill into and unpack these new problems with our strong connections to the Maluma experts in various countries we are your bridge to the solutions for this new variety.

One of these many solutions entails a trial of trellising the Maluma trees to take advantage of their unique branching and phenology properties. We are not stopping there however, with this new systematic way of propagating avocados our resident mechanical engineer is working on a mechanical avocado picker to reduce growers labour costs, allow for more consistent work flow and help to provide a reliable picking pattern that coincides with the Maluma post harvesting requirements.