We stand sure.

Our germination process follows on from the selection of the most industry relevant rootstock seed for the growers needs.

We focus, as always on quarantine elimination of pathogens at every stage in plant production, the fruit is picked from mostly our own orchards, being 4th generation avocado farmers we have a selection of tried and tested peak production and disease-resistant varieties.

Once quarantine is stepped through then the planted seeds are germinated in climate controlled hothouses before being carried out to propagation sections.

Our expert planting team draws on decades of experience.

Our expert planting team draws on decades of experience and sifts through the most up-to-date, international processes to replant our seedling avocados to bigger containers, allowing for a greater root system and less care in the field, saving you time!

Our grafting team and processes are the oldest and most reliable in the Australian avocado industry!

Grafting is the most refined and tedious of all our nursery processes, constant revision and intricate attention to detail by our hand-picked grafting team who bring with them 140 years of combined experience provide you with the most robust and disease resistant rootstocks with industry-relevant production cultivars.

Our cloning process is time and labour intensive with many potential losses in the varied steps through the process.

As such we provide this specialised process for research and development purposes in our never-ending endeavour to further the Australian avocado industry. Be that with quality production cultivars, rootstocks, disease-resistant varieties, or education of new growers to best practices in all areas of avocado production.

For more information on our cloning process, or how we can work with you or your research project please do not hesitate to contact us.

We only supply the premium trees of the industry.

One of the only Australian avocado nurseries currently incorporating this essential step in the production process, we make sure that every tree that leaves our gates is acclimated to full Australian sunlight and weather conditions so that the transplant stress is minimised when moved to your fields.

This acclimatisation step is time and labour intensive, we only supply the premium trees of the industry so we also space the trees out to develop their maximum potential.