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Anderson Horticulture has been exporting nursery stock trees, seed and cuttings since 2019. Due to the high quality nursery stock plus our strict accreditation ensuring our plants, seed and cuttings are disease free, we are able to export all nursery materials all over the world.

High Quality nursery stock.

Our Tissue Cultured rootstocks are very easy and inexpensive to be imported to any country due to the production being done in a disease-free laboratory environment. The Tissue Cultured rootstocks can be purchased by an international nursery then grown to grafting size, grafted, and sold to local orchardists. This minimises the expense of international nurseries producing their own nursery trees.  We are also able to export any plant variety; being any combination of rootstock and scion fruit variety tree to any region of the world. Varieties of seed available for import include Velvick, Zutano, A8, A10, Reed, Mexican, Guatemalan. Varieties of scion budwood cuttings available for import include Hass, Shepard, Lamb Hass, Ettinger, Edranol, Reed.

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We are Australia's oldest and largest speciality Avocado tree nursery.

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Avocado Tree Nursery in Yunnan China.

We have recently set up a satellite Avocado Tree Nursery in Yunnan China which has been producing avocado trees for commercial local orchards.
The nursery in Yunnan uses the same processes as our highly accredited and awarded nursery in Australia to ensure that the highest quality plants are produced. The nursery uses the same high-quality seed and cuttings as our Australian nursery which are imported from Australia as required.
This nursery is also capable of exporting its nursery stock throughout China, Asia, and the world.
Stephen Shi is the Chinese national nursery and trial farm manager.
Contact Stephen or our Australian manager Daniel Abbey for further information or for details on how to place an order.

Stephen Shi +64 22 654 4778
Daniel Abbey +61 438 390 441