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Our new field management team is bringing the avocado industry forward in Australia by cataloguing the current tried and tested trees in Anderson Horticultures Home Field. These catalogued trees are being culled by the yield they provide over multiple years, the reason for doing this is twofold in its benefits for the avocado industry.

The nursery material that is collected from these trees is able to be monitored in the growers own fields with data supplied in the form of a RFID chip embedded in the seed of the trees coming out of our nursery. These trees can be tracked through the lifetime of their productivity and if of a desirable rootstock or production cultivar then a breeding program can be put in place around the parent trees.

The second benefit is that the overall quality of avocado varieties coming out of our nursery gates is constantly being improved with the weaker strains having been systematically culled. Both aspects providing for a stronger future in the Australian avocado industry