Australia's oldest and largest speciality Avocado tree nursery.

Australia's largest avocado nursery and a family run business of over 100 years.

Our core business is supplying wholesales of young trees of the highest quality to orchardists and nurseries in all Australian states. With the ambition to help supply a reliable food product to the whole world! We appreciate the fast pace that avocados are being consumed and growing in every culture around the world, as such our endeavour to provide our growers with the most up to date market trends.

Supplying WHOLESALES of young trees to orchadists and nurseries throughout Australia.

  • Our orchards are indexed and certified by ANVAS
  • Our nursery is NIASA accredited
  • Unproductive trees are culled to ensure scion integrity
  • Seed fruit harvested a minimum of 1 meter above ground level
  • Seed fruit is disinfected prior to seed extraction
  • Potting media and containers are steam pasteurized prior to use
  • Potting media is soil less and sourced from NIASA accredited suppliers
  • The entire nursery is on sealed surfaces
  • All stages of the production are on steel benches at least 50cm high
  • Nursery water is filtered, chlorinated, and tested prior to use
  • Strict quarantine rules apply to all equipment and staff
  • Trees from other sources are totally forbidden

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